5.1.2 Trigonometric Ratios

5.1.2  Values of Tangent, Sine and Cosine
1.   The values of the trigonometric ratios of 30o, 45o and 60o (special angle) are as below.

2.   1 degree is equal to 60 minutes.
1o= 60’

3.   A scientific calculator can be used to find the value of the sine, cosine or tangent of an angle.
sin 40.6o = 0.5954
Calculator Computation
    Press [sin] [40.6] [=] 0.595383839
4.   Given the values of sine, cosine and tangent, we can find the angles using a scientific calculator.
tan x = 1.7862
  x = 67o30’
Calculator Computation
Press [shift] [tan][1.7862]
 [=][o’’’]  67o30’

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