PT3 Mathematics 2016, Question 3

Question 3 (a):
Match the correct answer.


Question 3 (b):
(i) On Diagram 3.1, trapezium A’B’C’D’ is the image of trapezium ABCD under an enlargement.
(a) Mark the centre of an enlargement on Diagram 3.1.
(b) State the scale factor.

(ii) Diagram 3.2 shows a triangle OAB drawn on a square grid.
On Diagram 3.2, draw the image of OAB under an enlargement with centre O and scale factor 2.


Scale factor = AD AD = 4 8 = 1 2


Question 3 (c):
A number of marbles are distributed among Alice, Bella and Christine. Alice received two times of Christine’s marbles. Christine received three times of Bella’s marbles.
If Christine received 12 marbles, find the ratio of marbles received by Alice to Bella to Christine.

Number of marbles received by Christine=12 Number of marbles received by Alice=12×2=24 Number of marbles received by Bella=12÷3=4 Ratio=Alice:Bella:Christine =24:4:12 = 24 4 : 4 4 : 12 4 =6:1:3

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