8.2.5 Loci in Two Dimensions, PT3 Focus Practice

Question 9:
Diagram in the answer space below shows a polygon ABCDEF drawn on a grid of squares with sides of 1 unit. X, Y and Z are the points that move in the polygon.

(a) X is a point which moves such that it is equidistant from point B and point F.
By using the letters in diagram, state the locus of X.

(b) On the diagram, draw
(i) the locus of the point Y which moves such that it is always parallel and equidistant from the straight lines BA and CD.
(ii) the locus of point Z which moves such that its distance is constantly 6 units from the point A.

(c) Hence, mark with the symbol the intersection of the locus of Y and the locus of Z.

(b)(i), (ii) and (c)

(a) The locus of X is AD.

(b)(i),(ii) and (c)

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