11.2.3 Isometric Transformations, PT3 Focus Practice

Question 7:
Diagram in the answer space, shows two polygons, M and M’, drawn on a grid of equal squares with sides of 1 unit. M’ is the image of M under a reflection.
(a) Draw the axis of reflection.
(b) Mark the image of P under the same reflection.
(c) Draw the image of M under reflection in the x-axis.


Question 8:
On diagram in the answer space, triangle P’Q’R’ is the image of triangle PQR under a rotation about centre C.
(a) State the angle and direction of the rotation.
(b) K’is the image of point K under the same rotation.
Mark and state the coordinates of K’.



(a) ∆ P’Q’R’ is the image of ∆ PQR under a clockwise rotation of 90o.
(b) Image of K = (1, –4).

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