3.1 Algebraic Formulae

3.1 Algebraic Formulae

3.1.1 Variables and Constant
1. A variable is a quantity without a fixed value.
2. A constant is a quantity with a fixed value.

3.1.2 Concept of Formulae
1. An algebraic formula is an equation which shows the relationship between several variables and/ or constant.
2. The subject of an algebraic formula is a linear variable expressed in terms of the other variables.

Example 1:
Express x in terms of y, if y= 23x x .  

y= 23x x xy=23x xy+3x=2 x( y+3 )=2 x= 2 y+3

Example 2:
Given that s= p 2 q 2 2u , make p the subject of the formula.

s= p 2 q 2 2u 2us= p 2 q 2 p 2 =2us+ q 2 p= 2us+ q 2

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